Your Six Pack Quest – Review

Your Six Pack Quest

Vince DelMonte claims he can help you to lose your love handles, banish stubborn belly fat, and get a set of rock-hard six pack abs within weeks with his “Your Six Pack Quest” program.
We decided to take a look at the Your Six Pack Quest program to see if it really is all it’s cracked up to be, and if it can really deliver the goods.

The Six Pack Quest Workouts

The Your Six Pack Quest program mainly focuses on building muscle while at the same time accelerating your metabolic rate to give you a double fat-burning effort because:

  • a faster metabolism leads to faster fat burning
  • You burn fat faster when you have more muscle mass

That’s why you will sometimes see guys with lots of muscle eating unhealthy food and yet not really putting on extra fat…since the added muscle speeds up their body’s ability to burn fat.

This is why Vince Delmonte designed the Your Six Pack Quest program to help you build muscle AND burn fat, in order to get a great lean sexy looking body.

It does not matter if you have good or bad genetics for a sexy six pack body nor does your fitness level matter when using this program, cause the program has a step by step system that can be use by anyone no matter what your fitness level or genetics

Your Six Pack Workout

Most of the workouts last for 16 weeks, at which point you can change them up to suit your circumstances, whether you want to continue fat burning or focus more on muscle building and body shaping the choice is up to you.

The workouts are split depending on your goals. In the Upgrade package you have:

  • Home Gym program
  • Women Only program
  • Metabolic Boost program
  • Metabolic Overdrive program
  • Bodyweight program (4 weeks)
  • Abdominal Cardio workouts
  • Metabolic Extreme program

If this looks overwhelming at first don’t worry…Vince takes you step by step through exactly what you should be doing and when. The quantity & quality of information is there for you to make an informed choice about what is right for you in your situation.

The Members Only Forum has lots of extra help from all the other people that are using the Your Six Pack Quest program, plus Vince is always just an email away, and he always gives his best help for his customers & subscribers.

Your Six Pack Meal Plans

Your Six Pack Quest program comes with a Calorie Calculator where you can enter relevant information based on your height, weight, age, activity levels, etc. and it tells you exactly how many calories you should be consuming on a daily basis in order to burn body fat.

In addition, Vince has provided you with 84 days worth of meal plans already set out for you, and at different calorie levels depending on your requirements. Simply choose the one you want to use and that’s it! They even come with a shopping list every week so you don’t even need to waste time on that either.

Your Six Pack Home Workout

The Virtual Trainer software which is included in the Your Six Pack Quest program shows you how to perform each and every exercise and wherever possible gives alternatives that produce more or less the same results.

There is also the No Nonsense 16 Week Gym Program section which is solely dedicated to the home-based trainer.


Your Six Pack QuestThis program was not made only for those people who already have great bodies or for any specific gender. It can be used by both men and women without any problem. You don’t need to be worried about not having been born with a body that was made to be sculpted, because this program was made exactly for those who weren’t born that way. Also, not only does it provide you with the guidance that you need, but it explains to you common myths and stumbling blocks.

My verdict for this ab sculpting product is most definitely a yes. I would say that if you have never had any luck getting a flat stomach then Your Six Pack Quest is for you. It’s a great way to learn the right route to losing fat and toning your muscles. Even if you’re taken aback with the amount of information at the start you will definitely gain a lot of knowledge.

For More Information Visit The Official Site Here

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