Why 97% People Fail To Make Money Online?

By : Chris Farrell
Founder – ChrisFarellMembership

97% of people wanting to make money online – fail.


Why is that so high?

I’ll tell you.

Because – in all honesty – 97% of people online don’t really understand what they are doing.

And if you’ve been in that situation — that’s ok. Don’t berate yourself – just admit it — today’s a new day – now lets move on and do something about it.

What I am going to teach you at this Membership Site – is not some radical, new underground super doper mystical technique.

In fact the opposite.

What I am going to teach you — is a battle hardened, money making method that marketers have been using for years — both on and offline.

One of the reasons I have done well in a relatively short amount of time — is because I focus on the fundamentals. I create systems that work and I repeat them.

This eliminates many of the bumps and hazards that many make in this business.

I am going to teach you a system — then when UNDERSTOOD — and IMPLEMENTED — works.

There is a road map to making money online.

Success leaves clues.

I can attribute my success online to three little words:


What does this mean?

Let me tell you – and when you understand this – this will make the difference between failure and success online.

97% of people online will try and SELL straight away.


Any successful web business works in fundamentally the same way — and that is creating a web site that is of a certain topic.


This is the step that 97% of people MISS OUT! They are too busy trying to make a sale immediately.

Once you begin to have a list — you finally market related products to your list.

Now of course – there is a little bit more to it than just this (like generating traffic to your free offer) – but if you understand the above – you understand more than most online.

I hope I am conveying exactly how powerful this is.

I teach this technique all the time – yet I still see many try and sell straight away.

If you understand the power of BUILDING A LIST first – and then nurturing a relationship with your list BEFORE you try to sell (ie treating people as PEOPLE – NOT cyber credit cards) – then you will do well online.

About The Author:

Chris Farrell is a full time Internet Marketer, Internet Marketing Coach and Product Developer working from home. Chris has taught thousands (literally) how to get started and begin their online business. His membership site http://www.chrisfarrellmembership.com been voted the No.1 Online Coaching Program for 2010/2011 – by IMReportCard

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