Underwater Camera Housing For Underwater Photography

If you are a professional scuba diver who would love to give underwater photography a try to photograph the beautiful underwater life or just someone who loves taking pictures and would like to document your underwater activities such as your pool parties, your child’s first swimming lesson, your snorkeling or under sea adventures, or just taking pictures in the rain, you can. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a top quality underwater camera all you need is a good underwater camera housing.

Also purchasing an underwater camera housing is a low cost solution with high-end results for extended quality and durability. They are also easy to use and requires no learning manuals and instructions. Underwater camera housings also protect your camera from possible damage. This saves time and money.

Underwater Camera housings also come designed for other outdoor actvities and added features like shock proof, freeze proof and proof features. Before you buy an underwater camera housing you have to consider the maximum pressure your housing can withstand underwater, as some housings only function as waterproof cases. Make sure your camera is protected with a waterproof casing that can stand seawater pressure. Be sure that the underwater camera housing for your camera is compatible with the features and controls of your device.

Canon and Nikon digital cameras have a lot of options when it comes to underwater housing manufacturers. Canon also has it’s own series of underwater camera housings. Some good underwater camera housing manufacturers are Ikelite, Fuji, Olympus, Top Dawg, Subal and Gates Underwater.

When you are in the depths of the ocean, the water may look very dark and even be difficult to see. It may seem that there is no way to get a clear picture of the things you see. Some underwater camera housing, in fact have a flash diffuser that works by improving the lighting with the flash of your camera. The housing port can block a small portion of the flash, but you can eliminate this problem by using an external underwater flash strobe.
Very often underwater pictures seem to lose a couple of colors and natural tones this makes the photographs not come out right. Some underwater camera housing units allow you to use filters for the different types of water such as green or tropical blue. This is an effective way to achieve the clarity when taking pictures underwater with your digital camera.

There are optical issues with using cameras inside a watertight housing. Because of refraction, the image coming through the glass port will be distorted, in particular when using wide-angle lenses. The solution is to use a dome-shaped or fish-eye port, which corrects this distortion. Most manufacturers make these dome ports for their housings, often designing them to be used with specific lenses to maximize their effectiveness.
Keep these tips in mind, and you underwater photography experience will be highly successful. Investing in a waterproof camera is a fantastic idea if you would love to have the experience of taking lasting photographs of a wonderful marine life and stunning seascapes. It is a fun and interesting activity that will keep you in the water for many hours at a time.

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