The Best Abs Exercises – How Do You Find Them?

What does it take to get a great set of abs? Hundreds of reps every day? Low reps and high resistance? How often should you work your abs? Everyone wants a rock hard six-pack, however, the abdominals can be a very tricky set of muscles to train. Training abs requires a lot of hard work and imagination. Of all the body parts, abs are probably the least fun to train, but they’re also the first thing to get noticed on the beach. There really are a lot of good exercises that target the muscles in your abs efficiently, so it’s challenging to cut down the list to just a couple of what is believed to be the top abs exercises. In the article below Vince DelMonte explains how to perform abs exercises in the most effective way possible.


Ab Workouts – Finding The Best Ab Exercises

By: Vince DelMonte

Author – No Nonsense Muscle Building & Your Six Pack Quest

Your Six Pack QuestIn our quest to try and achieve the elusive six pack abs it is easy to be led astray by all the best ab workouts available. This also makes it very difficult to choose the right ab workout.

When working out your core you have to remember that the same routine is not going to work forever. Everything from high reps to stability ball exercises will all work for a certain period of time. But then, eventually your body will adapt and find your routine easy thus causing your routine to lose its effectiveness.

Your ab training should be developed from the stable floor work with your body weight on an unstable surface with weighted work. Then moving on to movements that will reduce your support as much possible is the best ab workout, because they will utilize all the muscles in the core, especially those really deep that stable floor work can not target.

Examples of this type of “abdominal exercises” are the sit ups, floor crunches, side bends with legs on bench and leg raises. Finally, you want to do the same exercises against gravity, then a load and then on an unstable surface like a stability ball. Of body weight exercises like “front tables” and “side boards” should be the basis for a core program and advanced arm planks at the front and side planes and then eventually on a stability ball or BOSU ball for more recruitment.

The best ab exercises you can do for your abs to “pop” would be a variety of weighted movements. I’m sure you have seen guys with skinny flat stomach but no “eye popping” abs, because just like every other body part you actually have to develop your abdominal muscles. Some of the beautifully chiseled abs need to be developed under the fat, and weighted crunches with cables or a stability ball on a heavy dumbbell will do this better.

While performing all the ab workouts make sure that you get a full stretch during the eccentric phase of ab workouts. Doing an entire range of movement during the ascent (if you do a crunch on the floor or ball) is not necessary, but you should be “crunching” your upper abs onto your lower abs during each rep to maximize the burn, recruitment and full development.

One of the weighted workouts you will not find in my programs will be find the weighted side bends, as this can make you look wider in the waste, distracting from our objective of creating a lean image.

A question on most peoples mind is about ab workouts, is targeting the the lower abs. Yes, hip flexion (emphasis more on lower abs) is important to perform and should be done first in the workout, but the reality of the matter is that you can not specifically separate your abs into upper and lower. When performing any type of ab movement you should automatically focus on the workout of both the top and bottom at the same time.

A few good ab exercises to focus more on the lower ab area for the forward power definitely a little more in the lower will be would be the progression of lying leg raises on an incline, lying leg raises and eventually hanging leg raises fully vertical. Lying leg raises on a stability pull is also an advanced and extremely difficult exercise to create “insane washboard abdominals”.

The last thing to consider when you plan to do the ab workout is training frequency. Again, in general, assuming the abdominal muscles have recovered. If you want to run on the end of training, before training, exercise, or during the day, it’s up to you. “Your Six Pack Quest” ab workouts incorporate all methods, if you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced. Some theories of that warn you not to start with abs is because abs work as a synergistic muscle for so many of the other exercises you’ll do, if you pre-fatigue them before the start of the workout, you may not progress as much during the rest of your workout. I do not agree with this view, and if your abs are the weakest link, it should be a priority at beginning of your workout when you are the most fresh.

Intergrating specific training is only a small part of the battle – diet, lifestyle and overall caloric expenditure through weight training and cardiovascular exercises are the real basis for creating a sexy and desired mid section.

About the Author:

Vince DelMonte is the author of No Nonsense Muscle Building: Skinny Guy Secrets To Insane Muscle Gain found at and Your Six Pack Quest found at

He teaches skinny guys how to get big muscles, without supplements, drugs and training less than before, and also chubby guys and gals on how to get six pack abs without gimmicks, supplements or dieting.

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