A Simple Tip That Helped Me Make Money Online…

By : Chris Farrell
Founder – ChrisFarellMembership

I went online for the first time in Feb 2008.

Like most people, I struggled greatly at first.

I guess I did what most newcomers do — download pretty much anything — signed up for pretty much everything.

Almost immediately I began hop skipping and stumbling from eBook to report to product to forum….

Before very long I was suffering from the dreaded information overload.

But then – even worse – the ‘paralysis of analysis’ set in…

Urghh! I was doomed before I’d even begun…

I was far too busy trying to learn everything yet I was very aware that I wasn’t actually DOING anything.

‘Uploads’ ‘downloads’ ‘websites’ ‘hosting accounts’ ‘html’ ‘lists’ ‘autoresponders’….

It didn’t end!

Another week passed; my wife went to bed alone. Again.

And then I found something that hit me like a right hook from Tyson. It was as follows:

“…those that focus on one tactic, and make that one tactic successful, before moving on to something new, usually do well with their online business…’


So — you know what — I tried it. And would you believe it — it worked.

I started applying this attitude at about the 5 month mark after starting online. A few weeks later – after deciding to learn ONE thing at a time – I had my first (of many) $250 days.

I am convinced a lot of my success is due to the fact that I stopped wasting time trying to juggle a gazillion balls — and instead — decided to work on ONE thing and SEE THIS ONE THING THROUGH TO COMPLETION.

An example.

I remember spending 7 days solid – really trying to master Keywords. Really getting down and dirty with wordtracker and the free google keyword tool – to learn what long tail keywords were and a short tail, learn, learn, learn.

After educating myself – I began using better keywords in my articles and videos.

Beforehand I had just been guessing what I thought people would search for.

But now – with my videos and articles better optimized for keywords – more people began to find them – resulting in more clickthroughs to my site – resulting in more sign ups to my list.

It actually worked!

But it did take some hard work and discipline from me first.

So — the point of this post — is for you Mr and Mrs Newcomer.

Stop trying to master everything. You won’t. It will drive you insane. Give yourself a weekly goal — to achieve just ONE thing. And work to JUST ACHIEVE THAT. Stop checking your stats, stop downloading another report.

Master ONE tactic.

Become good at ONE thing.

And when you have – and only then – move on to the next. It really does work.

Making Money Online is a skill -just like plumbing, or carpentry, or physics – and just like ANY skill – it can be learned. But just like any skill – it takes time and discipline and focus.

And an understanding partner!

About The Author:

Chris Farrell is a full time Internet Marketer, Internet Marketing Coach and Product Developer working from home. Chris has taught thousands (literally) how to get started and begin their online business. His membership site http://www.chrisfarrellmembership.com been voted the No.1 Online Coaching Program for 2010/2011 – by IMReportCard

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