Samsung Galaxy S2 Review


The Samsung S2 Galaxy is certainly Samsung’s flagship smartphone for 2011 and is the first smartphone from Samsung that has a dual core CPU at 1.2 GHz using the Android Gingerbread 2.3 and an incredible 4.3″ Super-AMOLED Plus display. Other highlights are 8-megapixel camera, 1080p Full-HD video recording capability and the new Exynos power house chipset makes gaming on this mean little machine a great experience. Those who first saw the Samsung Galaxy S might have thought that it was the best Android handset ever and it couldn’t get much better. Well, they were wrong.

Product Features

  • Network: HSPA+ 21Mbps/HSUPA 5.76Mbps, EDGE/GPRS Class 12, Quad band GSM 850/900/1800/1900, Quad band UMTS 850/900/1900/2100
  • Operation System: Android Platform 2.3. Dual Core Application Processor provides unsurpassed functionality and density for faster browsing, quicker multi-tasking, a smoother UI, snappier streaming and highly efficient gaming.
  • Display: 4.3″ WVGA SUPER AMOLED Plus. The 4.3″ SUPER AMOLED Plus display goes a step beyond the already remarkable SUPER AMOLED to provide enhanced readability, a slimmer design, and better battery consumption for the best viewing value of any smartphone.
  • Camera: 8MP AF with LED Flash + 2MP Front Camera
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, BT v3.0+HS, USB v2.0. Battery: 1650mAh


  • Size (LWH): 2.6 inches, 0.33 inches, 4.93 inches
  • Weight: 4.16 ounces


The S2 runs on the Android Gingerbread 2.3.3 when you receive a new box piece, with Samsung’s proprietary TouchWiz 4 interface. Given Samsung’s update record (the original Galaxy S is enjoying Gingerbread now and has seen two major OS updates since its launch).

The TouchWiz interface 4 adds a lot of advantages when using Android. It allows fast WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and rotation to pull down the notification bar. You even have forward, rewind and pause buttons, while the music plays, you can even control the music from the lock screen without unlocking the phone.

Design & Display

All the greatness of OLED perfect blacks, high contrast, looks good in direct sunlight. Here you just get the bright, popping colors. Oh, and at 4.3″, it’s a pleasure to look at from any distance.

The Galaxy S2 has the most spectacular display I’ve ever seen on any device. The front of the phone is dominated by a large piece of glass that extends over almost the entire device. This 4.3″ Super AMOLED Plus brings perfect blacks, high contrast, looks good in direct sunlight. Here you just get the bright colors. Samsung has really lived up to their promises.

The weight is also kept impressively low – at the mere 116g, the Galaxy S II is 3 grams lighter than the original Galaxy S. Very light. I mean, VERY light. Samsung wasn’t kidding when they stressed that point. Considering the size of this thing, it’s very hard to believe. When you put the phone into someone else’s hand for the first time, they usually are confused because they expect it to feel more “solid”, and not so featherweight. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is almost impossibly thin when you pick it up – dimensions of 125.3 x 66.1 x 8.5mm mean it’s one of the thinnest smartphones on the market at the moment, rivalling the likes of the iPhone 4 and Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc for the title.

Video Playing

Express your color! This brilliant display delivers the best color gamut, high contrast ratio as well as ultimate sharpness of image. Groundbreaking reduction of video response time provides the video playback without motion blur. The new technology uses less space and less energy, consuming 18% less energy than the previous display, making it one of the thinnest, longest lasting smartphone available.


The Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II might have lost a mm around the waist, but it certainly hasn’t lost its voice. The performance of the smartphone in our audio quality test is pretty good overall and it’s really impressive in the active external amplifier part. Things aren’t as impressive when you plug-in a pair of headphones. The general result is still decent

Camera & Video Recording

One of the main selling points of the Galaxy S II will most certainly be the impressive 1080p video recording, The phone can also record video in full HD (1080p). Quality is excellent, like nothing I’ve ever seen from a phone before. This will eat through battery fairly quickly though, but I’d wager you would still get 4 – 5 hours of usage even if you were recording video the entire time, which you of course wont be doing.

The 8MP auto focus camera doesn’t miss any details whether you’re shooting idleness or action. Take beautiful, detailed photos even in low light with the built-in LED flash. And thanks to the much improved user interface of Android Gingerbread, fast scene switching is possible. And a quick switch to the 2MP front-facing camera makes self-portraits a snap. Picture the difference.

The auto focus camera on the S2 is an improvement from the 5MP shooter on the original, and possibly one of the better ones across all Android devices. The S2 does not have a physical camera button, so all the controls are on the screen itself. You can touch a particular area to focus or use the camera key and let the phone take that into its own hands.The S2 also has a 2 Megapixel front facing camera that is a very welcome improvement from the VGA shooters that we see on most smartphones. It is passable for portrait shots and will help improve video call quality if our networks and apps are upto it.


As much as we love the phone, like any other device, it has a few of its own flaws and cons. It’s not easy to shoot pictures due to its ultra slim design.

Another flaw is the absence of a dual-LED flash light like the ones in HTC phones. The single LED works fine but a dual LED would have augmented the working of the camera in low light scenes.

The resolution is still 800×480, though. Wish they’d up it to match iPhone 4 & HTC Sensation.


Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is a superb phone, Just calling the Galaxy S2 a smartphone will not be fair. It has its little problems, but they are vastly outnumbered by the plus points in its favour. It is probably the best Android smartphone on the market and depending on how you feel about Android, maybe even the best smartphone today, undoubtedly the most powerful. So if you were in the market for a high-end smartphone, we would definitely recommend the Samsung Galaxy S2.

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