iPhone SDK 3 Programming – Advanced Mobile Development for Apple iPhon

iPhone SDK 3 Programming is the perfect companion for developers who want to build amazing applications for Apple’s latest iPhone and iPod touch OS. Inside, veteran mobile developer Dr Maher Ali starts with a primer on Objective-C and Cocoa, the anatomy of iPhone apps, and walks you through building your first application for OS 3. You want your applications to look great, so iPhone SDK 3 Programming also provides extensive coverage of Interface Builder, but focuses on illustrating UI concepts programmatically, allowing you to appreciate the complete picture. This book goes beyond the basics of iPhone development and provides comprehensive coverage of features such as Core Data, copy and paste, Apple Push Notification, SQLite, libxml2, Map Kit, and location-based services that will help you create geo-aware apps that connect to back-end services and locally cache information for offline viewing. Key features include:The Objective-C programming language and runtimeInterface Builder and XCodeViews, controllers and tablesParsing XML documents in SAX and DOMApple Push NotificationCut, copy and pasteUndo managementUnit testingLocalizationWorking with the Map Kit and location servicesConsuming web servicesWorking with devices such as the accelerometer and camera.

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