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The Blogging and Pinging Beginners Guide for Internet Marketers

blogging pinging guide
Why are blogs and pinging getting so much importance today? If you are interested in getting your blog indexed faster, using blogs with pings is your best strategy. Ping, a short term for pingback, is a method of letting search engines know about new content or update in your website

Choosing Friendly Affiliate Programs

Friendly Affiliate Programs
When choosing an affiliate program for your niche don’t just promote it because you think it is a great product and you can sell it cause u are a skilled affiliate marketer. Make sure that the vendor of your affiliate program is a friendly one. Make sure there are enough

Does PPC Mean Pay Per Click or ProsPerous Campaigns?

Pay Per Click Campaign
By : Anik Singal Founder – Affiliate Classroom & Commission Domination If PPC is done correctly then its not just a Pay Per Click campaign but a ProsPerous Campaign. But of course not everyone does it right, and if you dont do it the right way you could end up

Anik Singal

Anik Singal Internet Marketing Guru
Anik Singal is a successful Internet Marketer. He founded Affiliate Classroom which is an online training center for aspiring Internet marketers. He trains affiliates from all over the world and helps become successful Internet marketers. Under Anik’s leadership, Affiliate Classroom has launched a wide variety of gold-standard educational products, including