Anik Singal

Anik Singal is a successful Internet Marketer. He founded Affiliate Classroom which is an online training center for aspiring Internet marketers. He trains affiliates from all over the world and helps become successful Internet marketers. Under Anik’s leadership, Affiliate Classroom has launched a wide variety of gold-standard educational products, including PPC Classroom, Blog Classroom, Lurn Inc., and AC Certified, the industry’s first online certification and job placement program for affiliate program managers. In 2008, Anik Singal was among the top three finalists in Business Week’s Top 25 Best Young Entrepreneurs in the U.S.

Anik is also a master of affiliate training consultation. He teaches people ways to avoid being slapped or punished by Google and other search engines for content violations. Anik Singal is also a very well respected authority and also an international speaker on the topic of internet marketing. He has recently launched a brand new internet marketing and training software called Commission Domination, which has already become a best seller on Click Bank.

Articles By Anik Singal:

Should Affiliates Really Use Blogging and Pinging To Get Indexed? :¬†For an in depth explanation on blogging and pinging read Anik Singal’s beginner’s guide to blogging and pinging.

Does PPC Mean Pay Per Click or ProsPerous Campaigns? : Here Anik Singal explains how to make the Pay Per Click Campaign into a ProsPerous Campaign.

Choosing Friendly Affiliate Programs : Here Anik Singal reveals some tests he uses to decide which affiliate programs are worth promoting and which are not.

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