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Digital Good Buy reviewed Advanced Global Trading business and AGT Trading Platform app. Advanced global trading believes in carbon neutrality and has been assisting corporations like Lotus F1, Grako, Equinox in reducing and offsetting their carbon footprint and help them go carbon neutral.  These AGT offsets are based upon many worldwide audited projects which could include clean technology, sustainable foresty and renewable energy programs. Advanced Global Trading’s Corporate arms educates and assists companies and corporations with Corporate Social Responsibility.

Advanced global trading was the first sustainable investment group within the Middle east region to open Emission trading (ETP) organisation. Source: Youtube. You can read more about advanced global trading business model on wikipedia with good references and citations to press and their efforts towards Corporate social responsibility. With a followership of over 23,000 AGT facebook fans; advanced global trading has to definitely be the leaders in the emissions trading market. Collectively Advanced Global Trading’s team comprises of over 140+ professionals across variety of specializations. AGT is headquarted in Dubai and also has offices worldwide: AGT Johannesburg South Africa, Doha, Bahrain – Advanced Global Trading also plans to open 7 more offices planned by end of 2015.

Advanced Global Trading Official lotus f1 team partner

Advanced Global Trading: Official Team partner Lotus F1

We further found out that Advanced Global Trading is the Official Team Partner for Lotus F1 Team. Charles Stephenson said on one of the press releases:

“We’are proud to be working with this Lotus F1 team, which is excelling in terms of performance as well as making great efforts to negate the environmental effect of the huge global logistical team operation now underway for this year’s World Championship.”

Advanced global trading and Lotus F1 team partnership involves assessing the total c02 output throughout the Lotus F1 operations, facilities and races over the course of their championship year before and calculates the team’s total c02 output. Advanced Global Trading than sources ETPs through AGT Trading Platform and retire it on behalf of the team to achieve a full carbon neutrality year.

In June 2011, Advanced Global trading assisted Switzerland’s Hope Racing at Le Mans 24 hours race to become the world’s first carbon neutral race team. You can read the complete article on The team submitted all the race data to Advanced global trading office to calculate the number of emissions trading permits they would retire or offset to ensure the team will complete the race with no effect to the environment.

Back in 2011 Advanced Global Trading company partnered with exhibition stand builder Equinox Design to create Exhibit Green. As per the agreement Advanced Global Trading reviews the Exhibit Green would give clients the option to retire their permits to offset the environmental damage produced during the transport, manufacture and disposal of stands. Source here

AGT’s Trading platform delivers cutting-edge technology, sophisticated trading tools and the opportunity to monitor investments efficiently and cost-effectively at any time using its iPhone app, meaning AGT’s clients enjoy online access to their accounts on the go. You can also download the latest Advanced Global Trading at iTunes for Free. You need to be a registered client with AGT to get the login details to the platform.


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